CUSTOM Scrap Yarn LK Scarf

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Fantastic oversized, ultra soft scarf featuring fringe on the ends! Super cozy and comfy! 

Hard to take off and not sleep with, this will be the most comfortable scarf you'll own.

Measures approximately 10" wide and 10 ft long!!

Please message me for any questions regarding size or colors.



*For "CHUNKY" items, the "SURPRISE ME/SCRAP YARN" option may contain acrylic, wool, cotton, or bamboo materials. Please be advised. This option also will result in a funky array of colors or even just ONE SOLID COLOR. Completely random and 100% original and unique. May not match.

Scrap yarn is the very last remnants of yarn leftover from skeins and no two color schemes will look exactly the same!

Ships in 9-11 business weeks, not including weekends or postal holidays so sometimes slightly longer. Please read store policies for more information. 


More about the Yarn Therapy Collection:


Each item listed here was created solely for the purpose of mental healing. I suffer through consistent bouts of depression and anxiety as well as PMDD and to help cope with the pain, both physical, mental, and emotional, I create the items you see here. Bright colors and technical designs and anything inspired by nature soothes me and stops me from hurting myself and those around me. I started this collection to share a bit of what I go through and to reveal the positive side effects of someone who may have to suffer through any mind ailments. I am able to tap into my own healing without the use of medications or drugs and alcohol... Sometimes I don't tap in fast enough and ruin my day and the days of those who are close to me... But when I do make it through the darkness, these pieces reveal themselves to me.


With the exception of a few items, each item is as is and not made to order, however, I will be taking custom orders with the understanding that each custom item will have an increased price depending on the amount of colors used and the time frame it takes to make it. 


Thank you for enjoying my work!