Why can't I see any of your clothing on your site/how do I order??

All custom clothing designs are hidden from my website until the day my customs open. I only open my customs once or twice a month. To find my next custom opening date, check out my bio in my twitter (@eurythmik) or instagram (@eurythmik). You can find the pricing averages for my designs on my instagram FAQ story highlight or you can join my patreon for $2 to see what customs will be available for each custom opening date and all full pricing information in advance. This is completely optional as you will be able to see full pricing the day of my updates :) it's just another way to prepare ahead of time and support me and my business.

I am currently only taking around 10 custom orders a month, first come, first served. My shop updates are usually NOON PST. The only way to guarantee a custom space is to join the $25 tier on my patreon (these spaces do not count towards my 10 space limit) - please visit the website below to see any/all current spaces for that specific tier, if their are none, I will announce on all my social medias when a space is yet again available.

Payment plans are offered through Klarna.



I need this in a hurry!! What can I do?!

Because everything is handmade, I do not accept rush orders and cannot guarantee delivery dates. All orders are made in the order in which they are placed, so to skip anyone ahead of that queue would be unfair to those who have been waiting the longest.



Every item will take at least 8-10 business weeks to ship out! Pants and rugs currently take 10-12 business weeks. I do not ship on weekends or postal holidays and this results in a slightly longer week on average.  Please be advised of this before ordering! I do not accept rush orders.

Every item in my store is completely handmade by me alone. Shipping times reflect this.

All shipping dates are estimates as well as I am only human and need to account for sick days, mental health days, and emergencies.

I ship everything via USPS. 

I will send a confirmation email along with a tracking number once I have shipped your item. If you have not heard from me, your order has not shipped! Due to the amount of pending custom orders I usually have I unfortunately cannot offer updates on individual orders as I usually make multiple pieces at once.

Items are normally not made until the week they are shipped due to a high volume of orders.

I only ship once a week in large batches on Wednesdays or Fridays.



Why are there no color charts and what is the "SURPRISE ME" option?

All acrylic yarn is sourced secondhand or from destashers. I do not purchase brand new acrylic fibers as acrylic is plastic and is not good for the environment. However, because of the widespread popularity of this material, I am able to get almost every shade and color from the aforementioned sources. Due to the nature of how I acquire this yarn, color choices may still be "surprise-ish" in that, shades will vary and some items may be multiple shades of the same color if the custom is larger. For example, a pair of pants ordered in purple would most likely be a pair of pants in multiple shades of purple. But most tops will be one solid shade :) Please do also let me know in the notes section what shade (light, dark, glittery, etc) you would prefer, there won't be any 100% guarantees on the exact shade unfortunately at this time but I'll do my best to find what you're looking for!

The "SURPRISE ME" option will result in a funky array of colors or even one solid color. It grants me free artistic range. Completely random and 100% original and unique. May not match. Automatically receive 20% off just for choosing this option :) For the surprise me options, you can request colors you like or tell me colors you don't like and I will do my best to accommodate them! 

Although I have the final say in what colors I use (this is mostly dependent on remaining materials) I am super open to color request/themes

Regardless of whether you select the surprise me option or a color choice,  you will 100% be helping me and the world, recycle leftover yarn so that it does not end up in landfills and turned into clothing that can be worn for years, over and over again!

The increased price for color choices goes towards purchasing these ethically sourced materials. Because they are from people's private collections, the yarn tends to be priced higher and I have to pay shipping fees for each private seller


Returns Policy

I do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges. 
As all products are handmade; sometimes there may be imperfections but I do check for any damages before I ship, please consider this before you purchase anything. 
If you have a problem with your order, please contact me ASAP so we can figure out a solution!
I will offer to remake most tops if there are any serious sizing issues. If you order the incorrect size, I will happily remake your item for you but you must ship the item back to me.
Buyer's remorse or dissatisfaction with the color are not grounds for a remade top.

**Because I have proof of shipment, I will not be held responsible for lost or stolen mail. Please be aware of this before purchasing.**


I respond to messages almost instantly to 2 hours-ish Mon-Fri from 9am to 11pm. On Saturdays and Sundays I take a traditional weekend off but still respond to messages, just sometimes my response times can be a little slower. Dms on twitter or instagram will get you a faster response than emails - it's just easier for me. I Love chatting with you all so please don't hesitate to message me if you have any concerns or issues with orders or anything.



Items are not made or shipped out until all payment has been received.

I am currently accepting payment through Paypal, credit and debit cards, and other international payment methods.