Bee Food Pants

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*PLEASE READ SHOP POLICIES BEFORE ORDERING - By placing an order I will assume that you have read my policies.


PLEASE NOTE: All acrylic yarn is sourced secondhand or from destashers. I do not purchase brand new acrylic fibers as acrylic is plastic and is not good for the environment. However, because of the widespread popularity of this material, I am able to get almost every shade and color from the aforementioned sources. Custom color choices are available again from the color pull-down menu :)! Due to the nature of how I acquire this yarn, color choices may still be "surprise-ish" in that, shades will vary and some items may be multiple shades of the same color if the custom is larger. For example, a pair of pants ordered in purple would most likely be a pair of pants in multiple shades of purple. But most tops will be one solid shade :) Please do also let me know in the notes section what shade (light, dark, glittery, etc) you would prefer, there won't be any 100% guarantees on the exact shade unfortunately at this time but I'll do my best to find what you're looking for!


The "SURPRISE ME" option will result in a funky array of colors or even one solid color. It grants me free artistic range. Completely random and 100% original and unique. May not match. Automatically receive 20% off just for choosing this option :)


Although I have the final say in what colors I use (this is mostly dependent on remaining materials) I am super open to color request/themes


Regardless of whether you select the surprise me option or a color choice, you will 100% be helping me and the world, recycle leftover yarn so that it does not end up in landfills and turned into clothing that can be worn for years, over and over again!


The increased price goes for color choices goes towards purchasing these ethically sourced materials. Because they are from people's private collections, the yarn tends to be priced higher and I have to pay shipping fees for each private seller.




Custom made to order! Pants pictured are just examples, you will not receive the exact same color scheme as someone else. If you select a color choice, it will be the main scheme of the pants but other colors may be used as well for the flowers. Please let me know in the order comments what other colors you'd like to see mixed in, otherwise it will be a beautiful surprise :)


Intricate floral bell bottom pants! Each flower is made individually for a truly one of a kind statement piece! Hip and wearable art. Comfy and breathable.


Equipped with drawstring for an adjustable fit!


Due to nature of the unique pattern, pants will be somewhat see-through.

Pants pictured are a prototype, customs will include the thigh flowers just like on my Bee Food Shorts




Pants are made using waist/hip (the area where you button your pants) measurements. 

All pants measure approx. 32-34" from crotch to ground and are designed to touch the floor when standing, please let me know if you need this length adjusted when you order by sending me your inseam measurement (DO NOT SEND YOUR HEIGHT).



Measure inseam from bottom of crotch to foot while standing.


Please message me for any questions or help needed to measure


Ships in 10-14 weeks, not including weekdays or postal holidays so sometimes slightly longer. Please read store policies for more information.